Questions to Ask a Plastic Surgeon

The decision to undergo Orlando cosmetic surgery is one that should be made with due diligence. If you decide that surgery is right for you, you should be prepared to ask your Orlando cosmetic surgeon questions, both about his or her background and about your treatment.

How often does your Orlando cosmetic surgeon perform this procedure? Experience is excellent proof that a surgeon is successful in that field. It also means that if something unusual happens, they’re more likely to know how to address it. Above all, make sure you are comfortable with your doctor and the answers to your questions.

It’s important to know if your surgeon is board certified. Believe it or not, doctors who aren’t board certified are still performing cosmetic surgeries for additional income–a frightening fact, to say the least. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about their certification to ensure they are licensed and educated on the necessary medical procedures.

Once you’ve found a doctor you can trust, you can begin asking about the procedure itself. How long will the surgery take? What is the recovery time? These are both important questions, since they can vary depending on the type of surgery and how invasive it is; understanding these basics will help you best prepare.

What are the risks for the surgery you want performed?  Discuss medical history and maintain open, honest communication with your surgeon. Now is not the time to fudge how often you work out, how many alcoholic beverages you enjoy in a week, or what you  typically eat.

George Pope, MD is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has practiced for 25 years. He has helped thousands of women and men achieve their goals. Contact the Pope Plastic Surgery today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Pope for your next Orlando cosmetic surgery procedure.

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