Plastic Surgeon Blog: Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery

Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery as the name suggests is procedure in which fat cells containing stem cells are transferred to other areas of the body. This is an experimental procedure recently performed on a patient in Plano, Texas to help reverse aging and muscle tissue deterioration.

The entire process of Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery involves removing fat cells from various parts of the body. These fat cells are then treated to multiply the amount of stem cells present. These fat cells containing stem cells are then transferred to the parts of the body where more volume is required.

Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration yet but is expected to get approved in a few months.

Since stem cells promote better tissue regeneration, the doctor who performed the experimental surgery states that Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery helps the anti-aging process and provide longer term results – about five to ten years when compared to other procedures that use synthetic fillers.

Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery can be done under local anesthesia. Stay tuned to see what the FDA has to say about this procedure!

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