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Plastic surgery treatments have given life-changing experiences to several women and men across the world. The facelift procedure is a popular cosmetic surgery in Orlando and several other cities throughout Florida—for good reason. In our unending quest to fight the signs of aging, facelift surgeries can work wonders when properly performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgery tightens sagging facial skin and eliminates deep creases below lower eyelids and along the nose. When completed successfully, patients appear more youthful and confident in their appearance.

There are different types of facelift surgeries used throughout the world. A board-certified surgeon chooses the best procedure for patients based on individual conditions and aesthetic goals.

Some lesser known, but effective face lift procedures, include:

Mid-face or Cheek Lift

This American plastic surgery procedure targets the middle third of patient’s face. The incisions are placed in the hairline and the inside of mouth. The surgeon then lifts and repositions the natural fatty layer over the patient’s cheekbones. This facelift procedure improves nose-to-mouth lines and lifts sagging cheeks. An isolated mid-facelift can be done endoscopically or through the lower lid along with Blepharoplasty. This cosmetic surgery procedure provides a subtle freshening-up with minimal risk and recovery time.

Stem Cell Facelift

This is not technically a facelift as per American plastic surgery procedure techniques. While a surgical facelift involves lifting the skin and connective tissue to treat facial sagging, a stem cell facelift involves fat injections to the face to add volume. Stem cell facelift is a two-step process. First the surgeon uses liposuction to extract fat cells (and the stem cells within them) from body areas like tummy, buttocks or thighs. These fat cells are then processed and injected into the face to contour and fill the cheeks, under-eye hollows, temples and lips.

Mesh Facelift

NUVANCE mesh facelift is a relatively new American plastic surgery procedure and is not very common yet. However the results of this procedure in certain preliminary cases have been good and it may be used by more surgeons in coming years. It involves the use of a specially designed mesh that is inserted through the hairline underneath the skin to lift the skin and soft tissues. With this technique, facial tissues are also redistributed. The mesh is absorbed by the body just like dissolvable surgical sutures. The recovery period from this facelift procedure is very short as there is no nipping and tucking involved.

Liquid Facelift

Read our blog post on Liquid Facelift to learn more about this non-surgical treatment that is growing in popularity in plastic surgery office across the country.

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