Orlando Brow Lift Surgery & Orlando Eye Lift Surgery — How a Fresher, More Youthful Face is Revealed.

There comes a day when we all look in the mirror and see a face we don’t quite recognize. All the same features are there, but a look of tiredness is evident, especially around the eyes, where age is most visible.

Brow lift surgery can turn back the clock, making droopy eyebrows or excessive lines and wrinkles on their forehead disappear.

Such lines and wrinkles appear due to advancing age and also if the skin is frequently exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun. However, a brow lift surgery can not only eliminate all those fine lines and wrinkles but also help in improving the entire anatomy of the face.

Typically, a brow lift surgery involves tightening of skin and/or removal of excessive fat if necessary. However in certain cases, the cosmetic surgeon may also move, rearrange or shorten the muscles in the forehead. The kind of treatment depends upon the individual requirements of patient and his/her forehead structure.

There are three main muscles that may be rearranged during a brow lift surgery: the frontalis, the corrugator, and the procerus.

The frontalis muscle runs from the hairline straight down to the eyebrows. It draws the eyebrows and the skin of forehead up, forming horizontal wrinkles across forehead. The inner (medial) and outer (lateral) parts of frontalis muscle can function independently. This is why some people can raise only one eyebrow and not the other. The corrugator is a small muscle that pulls eyebrows to the center of face and downward, forming vertical wrinkles in the glabella area (the space between eyebrows and above nose) and horizontal wrinkles at the bridge of nose. The procerus muscle runs from the nasal bone and cartilage at side of nose and fans upward to the center of forehead. This muscle pulls down the skin at the center of forehead, forming transverse wrinkles in the glabella region and bridge of nose.

Droopy or sagging eyebrows are pulled and lifted to the right position by correcting and rearranging the forehead muscles.

A brow lift surgery is usually performed on at outpatient basis and takes about 1-2 hours to complete. It can be performed under general as well as local anesthesia. The surgery can also be performed in conjunction with a facelift surgery and blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery).

Slight pain and discomfort is normal after the surgery as the impact of anesthesia reduces gradually. However it only lasts for a few hours. Medications prescribed by the surgeon can be taken to minimize the pain. The results of the surgery can be fully observed in 20 to 30 days.

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