Make Spider Veins Vanish!

Spider veins can be an embarrassing cosmetic problem for women. These are caused by the backup of blood in the veins. Spider veins may also be caused by hormonal changes, excessive exposure to sun and by injuries. Pregnancy, obesity and activities that call for prolonged standing or sitting can also cause spider veins. Clusters of reddish, bluish or purple veins become visible on legs and arms and these can appear to be very ugly. However, in Florida, you can visit a board-certified surgeon to get an effective treatment for your spider veins problem. Dr. George Pope, a board-certified cosmetic and revisionist surgeon at Pope Plastic Surgery has successfully treated several patients for spider veins.

A board-certified surgeon always discusses the expectations of a patient from any cosmetic surgery procedure she/he may be considering. If you are going for a spider veins treatment, ensure that you also inform your surgeon about any other medical problems or allergies that you face. If you have experienced a major plastic surgery or even a minor cosmetic treatment before, the surgeon must be informed.

Before beginning with spider vein treatment, a board-certified surgeon also checks his patient for signs of more serious deep vein problems including varicose veins. Such conditions are generally identified by swelling, sores, or skin changes at the ankle. A hand-held ultrasound device may also be used to detect any back flow of blood within the venous system.

Sclerotherapy is the cosmetic surgery procedure used in treatment of spider vein. The patient does not need anesthesia and the treatment is given on an outpatient basis. Sclerosing solution is injected into each vein affected and this causes the vein to collapse and fade from view. Bright light and magnification is also used to ensure maximum precision while the skin is held taut to inject sclerosing solution. A cotton ball and compression tape is also applied to the area once the injection is given.

A board-certified surgeon can fully treat your spider veins in two or more sessions of sclerotherapy. The treated areas look bruised for sometime and healing rates also differ for individuals. The dressings, cotton balls and tapes are removed during your post treatment visits to the center. You may be required to wear support stockings for a few weeks after the treatment. After this, a clear and healthy looking skin becomes visible!

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