LipoDissolve Treatments May Not Be Safe

Cosmetic treatments to enhance beauty may seem attractive but here’s a story that is really worth mentioning because it highlights the need for due diligence when looking into any cosmetic procedure or treatment. It is critical that people be aware of treatments or procedures that can harm them.

There are two websites that are selling lipodissolve treatments. These web sites are and FDA has issued a warning to the Brazilian company selling these products through these websites because the treatments contain phosphatidylcholine, or PC, and sodium dioxycholate, or DC. The FDA warns that although these chemicals naturally occur in a human body, they are not safe. That’s because they are not meant to be extracted and mixed with other ingredients.

The main purpose of this blog is to convey to our patients one message and one message only:

Be careful when considering ANY cosmetic procedure and always consult with trained, board-certified cosmetic physicians to make sure that you receive treatments which are safe and closely supervised.

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