Injectables Used For More Than Just Wrinkles

Botox and injectables like Juvederm prevent the muscle contractions that cause furrows when the face is in motion. They are commonly used to relax contracted muscles, creating a smooth and even appearance in the skin. Typically, they get rid of wrinkles and unsightly frown lines in the forehead and adjacent to the eyes, but can also provide a number of other benefits.

To reduce the appearance of a “gummy” looking smile, Botox injections can relax the elevation of the upper lip, covering part of your top gum. Treatments have also been used to reduce the size of the masseter muscles in your cheeks, resulting in a gently curved jaw.

When injected between your eyes, injectables can be used to slightly lift your eyebrows. Eyebrows tend to sag with age, possibly giving the unintended impression of always frowning, but Botox gives men and women a more youthful and cheerful expression.

For almost a decade, Botox has been used to help patients with excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. Typically used on the underarms (but also effective on the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet), Botox works by interrupting the chemical signal that activates the body’s sweat glands, resulting in decreased perspiration in those areas.

If you’d like to reduce your frown lines, crow’s feet, or even daily sweat, Botox may be the answer. Let Dr. George Pope and his staff advise you on the best course of action to achieve your desired result.

Dr. George Pope’s Pope Plastic Surgery provides Central Florida with first-class Orlando cosmetic surgery services. Our exceptionally trained staff delivers services designed to assist you in your journey toward a better quality of life. When you visit Pope Plastic Surgery, you will be greeted by our friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate staff, who will ensure you receive the most outstanding experience possible.

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