How Laser Hair Removal Makes Your Life Easier

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Shaving. Waxing. Depilatories. Electrolysis. Most men and women have a love/hate relationship with their unwanted hair: they love to get rid of it but hate the removal process. Instead of subjecting yourself to weekly, or even daily, discomfort, why not leave it in the hands of a professional and turn to Orlando laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal works by exposing unwanted hair to pulses of light (i.e., the laser) that destroy the hair follicle. Without the follicle, additional hair cannot grow. Keep in mind laser hair removal does not work as well on red, blonde, white or gray hair.

One of the biggest advantages of laser hair removal is the frequency of the treatment in comparison to other forms of hair removal. You only need six treatments (once every 4-6 weeks) to start noticing a significant reduction in unwanted hair.

Commonly treated areas include the upper lip, chin, underarms, bikini line and back. It is also effective for removing hair from large areas like the legs.

Orlando laser hair removal offers the most affordable laser treatments performed by our highly experienced Physician Assistant.

Would Orlando laser hair removal fit your needs? If you have any questions about the procedure or how well it might work for your skin and hair type, Dr. George Pope and his highly-trained staff are available for consultation.

Dr. George Pope’s Pope Plastic Surgery provides Central Florida with first-class Orlando cosmetic surgery services. Our exceptionally trained staff delivers services designed to assist you in your journey toward a better quality of life. When you visit Pope Plastic Surgery, you will be greeted by our friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate staff, who will ensure you receive the most outstanding experience possible.

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