Arm Lifts Get Rid of Excess Sagging Skin

An Arm Lift is great for Orlando patients who have excess, sagging skin on the arms.

We all dream of having a perfectly sculpted body that we can feel confident showing off. We try to do everything within our power to get fit and get our bodies looking the way we want them to, but sometimes our efforts don’t pan out the way we expect them to.

You can spend a lot of time working out in the gym or restricting yourself to the latest diet fad, but there are times when these practices alone will not get you the body you desire. Over the course of time, the lack of improvement you see can cause you to feel very disappointed and frustrated.

Among the body parts that tend to accumulate stubborn fat that’s difficult to remove with exercise or diet alone are the upper arms. This is an aesthetic problem that many people deal with. Having stubborn fat deposits in the upper arm region can give you a heavy and unappealing look that can destroy your confidence.

Fret not, however, because there is hope for you yet, Thanks to a surgical procedure known as an arm lift, you can finally get rid of those stubborn fat deposits for a new and improved look.

What Is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift is precisely what its name suggests. It is a cosmetic procedure used to eliminate the saggy skin and fatty deposits in your arms to give them a lifted and more toned look. It is a great solution for anyone who wants to get rid of the excess skin giving their arms an unattractive look and achieve a look that they can be proud of.

The Procedure

To begin the procedure, Dr. George Pope will put you under an anesthetic to help you feel more comfortable during the surgical process. Once this is done, he will make incisions either on the inside or the back side of your arm. The incisions will help him gain access to the underlying tissues. They will be strategically placed to limit the visibility of any post-surgical marks.

Once the necessary tissues are removed, Dr. Pope will close the incisions with sutures and bandage the surgical area.

After the Procedure

Your arms will be noticeably slimmer immediately after the procedure. Depending on the extensiveness of the surgery, you can expect your recovery time to last anywhere between two weeks to one month.

During your recovery period, you will need to make sure to take enough time off work to rest properly. This will help to ensure a faster recovery and an excellent end-result. You will need to stay away from activities involving extreme physical exertion such as lifting heavy weights and any activity that has a direct impact on your arms.

The results of the surgery will last longer if you take good care of your body. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes lots of exercise and a proper diet. Extreme weight gain can tamper with the results of the surgery, meaning you might have to repeat the procedure if you don’t maintain a stable weight.

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