Dermal Fillers!

Fillers are getting popular and why not. They are almost non-invasive and less expensive than cosmetic surgery. There are many fillers available and they can be used for filling wrinkles to making your nose and chin look fuller.

Most plastic surgeons and dermatologists will recommend temporary fillers rather than permanent fillers which are more dangerous. These temporary fillers are derivatives of hyaluronic acid and can last from six to nine months. One filler to avoid is liquid silicone which is known to cause deformity due to its ability to migrate away from where it was originally injected. Liquid silicone creates various complications and should be avoided.

As with any medical procedure, there are risks involved even with getting a hyaluronic acid filler. Risks include bleeding, an allergic reaction or even an infection post-treatment. Therefore it is very important to choose a qualified, experienced and trained plastic surgeon who can explain all the risks before you make your decision about some of these procedures.

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