The Cost of Breast Augmentation: 5 Factors That Affect Your Price

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Plastic surgery is both a physical and financial investment, and breast augmentation is no exception. Our patients often ask about the price of the procedure when they first visit our practice. Regardless of budget, we explain that there are various factors influencing the cost of breast augmentation in the Orlando area. Just as no two women are exactly alike, neither are two breast augmentation operations. 

Nationally, the average price of breast augmentation surgery is around $6,000 to $7,000, according to But the total cost of the procedure may change depending on a few important variables. 

Time of year the surgery is performed

Interestingly enough, the time of year you schedule your surgery may impact the final price. Booking during times that plastic surgeons are traditionally busier can raise the cost due to demand. Many women choose to get breast implants in the winter, for example, because they typically have holiday time off and can recover while wearing many layers of clothes. You may find better prices during warmer seasons such as late spring or early summer. 

Type of technique used

Breast augmentation is typically performed with saline or silicone gel (implants). Saline implants are much less expensive than silicone gel, and smooth silicone gels are less expensive than textured versions. But implants are no longer the only option, and techniques such as fat transfer are lower in cost and growing in popularity.

The fat transfer procedure involves taking fat from one part of the patient’s body and using it to modestly augment the size of their breasts. You can ask your doctor if this option is right for your goals. 

Experience level of your surgeon

When it comes to plastic surgery, Orlando patients deserve nothing but the best. By investing in a skilled, trusted professional, you can achieve safe, satisfying results. Much like any investment, the cost of a board-certified plastic surgeon will be slightly higher than other doctors. But you can rest easy when heading into the operating room because you know you’re in trusted hands. 

Surgery center fees

A large portion of breast augmentation fees goes toward the implants and your plastic surgeon. However, surgery center fees also affect your price. Most breast augmentations are performed using a general anesthetic, but some surgeons offer local anesthetic plus sedation, which can be a less expensive option. Your time in the OR can also increase the costs in the event that your procedure takes longer to perform than expected. 

Complementary procedures

Breast augmentation is a great option for adding volume to the breasts, but some women want to correct other problems too. If you struggle with loose, saggy skin after breastfeeding or weight loss, you may benefit from adding a breast lift. While adding a complementary procedure can raise the price of treatment, many women find it worth the trade. When used together, the procedures can help create full, lifted breasts and provide comprehensive results. 

By knowing more about what goes into the cost of breast augmentation, you can make the right choice for yourself and your family. If you would like to learn more about plastic surgery and you’re in the Orlando area, request a consultation online today.

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