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Taking care of your face is not too difficult if you just do some simple things on a daily basis.

Here are some simple steps to take. First, be sure to use a daily cleanser and finish with a moisturizer that has sunscreen protection.

Dead skin creates the appearance of wrinkles because it layers the skin like crinkly tissue paper. To minimize the appearance of wrinkles, it’s important to remove the dead skin layer. The best way to do that is to exfoliate on a weekly basis using an exfoliator or a low intensity chemical peel like a salicylic or glycolic peel.

Even in the winter months, sunscreen protection is important. Sunscreen is the best protection for all skin problems which are caused by the sun including problems like pigmentation, wrinkles, and sagging of the skin.

A moisturizer helps hydrate your skin and protect it from aging so a good moisturizer is important for your skin. Moisturizers do not have to be expensive, most of them contain the same ingredients. Expensive brands are just more nicer in look and feel and may smell nicer but a pharmacy brand moisturizer may work just as well as a name-brand found at the store.

Doctor recommended prescription strength moisturizers may have active ingredients that can help speed up the skin recovery from sun and age damage. Consult a skin care consultant like the one we have on staff here to see what will work best for you.

Simple steps to take care of your skin will show long-term benefits.

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