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Liposuction or Lipoplasty is probably the best known plastic surgery procedures. Popular individuals and TV personalities are known to have, at some point, undergone this procedure. The surgery removes unwanted fat from different parts of the body to achieve a well sculpted figure. The concept of the procedure is quite simple and very safe. However, it is important to note that liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss. It is imperative that the client must discuss with the surgeon alternatives, risks involved and the proper indications for the procedure. After having a liposuction the client will achieve the desired body figure and directly increase self-confidence.

Liposuction removes excess fat through vacuuming, only then can body contours be greatly emphasized. Younger clients get better results since the skin is still elastic and it can re-contour itself after the procedure. On the other hand, older clients may need to undergo skin-tightening and body contouring procedure such as Tummy-tuck surgery or abdominoplasty in order to achieve best results. Keep in mind that liposuction cannot by itself, effectively correct irregular contours caused by excessive skin laxity. Other procedures like Breast Lift and Gynecomastia surgery are recommended depending on the client’s concerns.

Liposuction produces great results when applied in the following areas:

  • Neck and cheeks
  • Back and chest/breast areas, Upper arms
  • Abdomen, waistline, hips and buttocks
  • Inner/outer thighs, knees, calves and ankles

Liposuction is intended for body contouring not weight reduction. There is noticeable improvement in body contours but weight loss is minimal since fat is less dense compared to water in the body. Often times it is recommended for the client to undergo a weight loss program before for better results. A healthy low fat diet with regular exercise goes hand-in-hand with liposuction. The procedure is only used when there is unwanted fat that cannot be eliminated with diet and exercise.

During consultation with the surgeon, the client will be asked to point out areas of concern. The surgeon will explain what expectations can be achieved and what can’t. Successful treatment includes clients with normal body weight, with good skin tone and isolated excess body fats. If the client happens to gain weight after the procedure, liposuction can still be performed several times. The surgeon will assess the client’s medical history, lifestyle and other factors affecting the procedure. The precise amount of fat needed to be removed is then estimated to prevent complications.

Liposuction procedure uses light general anesthesia to sedate the client. Small incisions are made in natural skin folds or unnoticeable areas near the area of treatment. A small metal suction tube (called a cannula) is connected to a suction machine then inserted directly to the fatty deposit. Depending on the number of areas to be treated, liposuction usually takes only an hour to finish.

After the operation it is common to feel stiff and sore. Early ambulation is encouraged to increase blood circulation. Bruising is expected 2 weeks after the procedure, the patient is advised to wear special elastic garment to provide pressure to the areas to reduce swelling, help in skin retraction and support healing. After 3-5 days, clients can go back to work while intense activities are avoided until 10-14 days post-surgery. Sun exposure is avoided until bruising disappears.

The desired outcome produced by liposuction is permanent if proper diet and regular exercise is observed and weight management program is followed.

Complications of the procedure are relatively rare. Potential problems arising from the procedure include infection, bleeding, and anesthesia reactions. In rare instances fat embolism or blood clots may travel into the lungs causing lung embolism that’s why there is a limit to the amount of fat to be removed.

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