Cosmetic Surgery Blog: If you are considering Rhinoplasty, read on….

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Generally known as a “Nose Job’, Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation to give you a finer, more perfectly shaped nose. You may be considering Rhinoplasty for reconstruction, functional or cosmetic reasons.

The word rhinoplasty has been borrowed from two Greek words – Rhinos and Plassein. Rhinos means nose while plassein means ‘to shape’ and hence rhinoplasty means reshaping the basic contour of a nose.

Rhinoplasty is commonly used to cure natural nasal defects and deformities resulting from accidents. There is however no dearth of people who undergo rhinoplasty because of sheer cosmetic/aesthetic purposes. Nobody wants a parrot’s beak or a saddle nose and even a peculiar broad Nubian or a snub Socrates kind nose. Thanks to rhinoplasty, they don’t have to live with the nose they are born.

Rhinoplasty can be done to:

  • Alter the size of the nose (Nose augmentation/reduction)
  • Alter the shape of nostrils
  • Simply changing the tip of the nose
  • Internal repositioning to correct breathing problems or snoring.

Rhinoplasty can take an hour or more depending on the reason for the procedure. The patient may feel swelling and pain for a week or two but may be completely recovered within a couple of weeks.

As with any medical procedure, there are risks. In Rhinoplasty, patients may face scarring, asymmetry of nose, infection, and numbness. Again, a board certified surgeon is the only one who can do the nose job in a safe, controlled environment. So don’t take risks, go to a qualified board certified doctor if you are looking for a nicer nose.

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