Cosmetic Surgery Blog: Consider a Brow Lift Surgery Today

Our emotions are best seen on our faces. Depending on what we feel, our facial expressions change. The part of the face that manifests this the most is our forehead. A lot of factors influence the condition of the skin our forehead, these are: aging, gravity and stress. There is the tendency for the eyebrows to sag causing a hooding of the upper eyelids and further resulting to a tired appearance.

Brow Lift is the procedure that fixes this problem in order to regain and maintain that youthful appearance. Brow Lift reshapes and elevates the eyebrow thereby improving the eye. For better results, a brow lift may be combined with an eyelid lift.

You may wish to consider a brow lift in the following situations:

  • A tired appearance caused by the sagging and hooding of the forehead
  • Presence of deep horizontal crease along the forehead
  • The eyebrows and the top of the nose have deep frown lines
  • Obstruction of peripheral vision because of the excess skin on the upper eyelids

Upon consultation the surgeon will first conduct a thorough examination of your facial skin condition. Your medical history will be taken to determine the factors that might affect the outcome of the surgery. The surgeon will discuss concerning goals of the treatment and what the client would want to look like afterwards.

The procedure is done using light anaesthetic with deep sedation. It is performed in an outpatient facility. The classic method of brow lift hides the incision in the natural skin folds like the scalp hairline. This method reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Excess skin is removed and the eyebrows are elevated.

The endoscopic lift method involves incisions placed behind the hairline. A surgical telescope probe called and endoscope is used to help in performing this procedure. The wrinkling and the frown lines are addressed and improved, while the excess skin is removed to reveal a smoother and you-looking forehead. Another device will be inserted through a different incision to assist in making alterations. Titanium anchors are used to secure the altered tissue. This procedure is less invasive and minimal scarring is experienced.

Bruising and swelling are expected post surgery. The surgeon will prescribe antibiotics to reduce infection risks. Clients are normally allowed to wash their hair 1-2 days after.. The sutures and staples will be removed 7-10 days from the day of surgery.

Results of the procedure are expected to last for several more years. Clients who have undergone the procedure feel more rejuvenated and renewed. The facial enhancement greatly boosts self-esteem creating a more assertive and more confident individual.

Complications from the surgery are uncommon but possible risks include bleeding, infection and anesthesia reactions. Other risks include pain, numbness, itchiness, and poor healing, but they are easily treatable and are not serious.

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