Cosmetic Surgery Blog: Computer Imaging Provides Nose Job Satisfaction to Patients

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No more shooting in the dark err trying to figure out how your nose will look like simply based on celebrity photos and look-alike wishes. You can get a pretty good idea of how your nose will look after the surgeon finishes working on it with computer imaging software. A new study finds that the majority of patients were happier with the results of their nose-job when a computerized image was used by their surgeon.

The morphing software has been used for at least a decade now. Doctors find it easier to use the software on the image of the patient to create a nose that the patient can approve rather than trying to figure out which portion of what nose they like from reviewing 20 celebrity photos.

A nose job although fairly routine is not really an easy surgery. Plastic surgeons have to break bone or reshape cartilage or even graft cartilage from other areas of the body on the nose to create a new nose. Plastic surgeons have to constantly communicate and level-set patient expectations to make sure that they understand that the nose that they want may not look as good on them as it may look in a picture of a younger woman or celebrity.

In case you are considering a nose job, know that nose jobs or Rhinoplasty is a very popular surgery, ranking 2nd only behind breast augmentation surgery in 2009, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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