Choosing the Right Breast Size for Your Augmentation

Are you unhappy with the size or shape of your natural breasts? If so, you may want to consider undergoing a breast augmentation. There are two primary decisions you’ll have to make: the type of implant and its volume.

There are two types of breast implants used in breast augmentation: saline and silicone, both named after the material contained within. Saline implants are inserted into your chest empty, then filled with a sterile salt water solution to your desired dimension. Silicone implants, on the other hand, are pre-filled with silicone gel. Because the gel more closely mimics human fat, some believe that silicone implants more closely mimic a woman’s natural breast tissue.

When picking an implant size, you must take your body type, frame and height into consideration. It’s more than just picking a cup size, since there is no universal measurement between bra manufacturers. It’s important for you to be educated on how to choose the right look for you based on volume and fullness because the goal of a breast augmentation is a natural appearance. Don’t let anyone convince you to get a size you may not be comfortable with.

Both the type and size of your implants are a personal decision, and at our Orlando cosmetic surgery center, Dr. George Pope can answer any questions you may have regarding what implant size may best fill out your silhouette.

Dr. George Pope’s Pope Plastic Surgery provides Central Florida with first-class Orlando cosmetic surgery services. Our exceptionally trained staff delivers services designed to assist you in your journey toward a better quality of life. When you visit Pope Plastic Surgery, you will be greeted by our friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate staff, who will ensure you receive the most outstanding experience possible.

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