Breast Augmentation: Place the Implants

Women seeking to increase the size of their breasts have more options today than ever before. If you are looking to fit into that bikini or strapless dress, then breast augmentation is best for you. Through breast augmentation in Orlando FL, you get the breasts proportional to the rest of your body. What you get is appealing cleavage, more confidence and those curves you always desired for. At Pope Plastic Surgery, Dr. George Pope, a highly regarded plastic surgeon, certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery, carries out the procedure of affordable breast augmentation himself. Breast augmentation is the surgical procedure to cosmetically boost the shape and size of a woman’s breast using implants.

Through breast augmentation in Orlando FL, many women are able to modify the shapes of their bodies. Those having small, underdeveloped breasts choose to undergo breast augmentation; a safe and effective surgical procedure designed to enhance the contour of women’s body. Usually, after pregnancy, the shape and size of breasts may change. They appear out to be deflated with loose skin. Pregnant women can lose some of the breast volume and vigor they used to have. Breast augmentation surgery is an excellent way to invigorate the breast and give them a full look to make you appear more pleasing.

Breast augmentation surgery is carried out through implants that come in wide variety of shapes and sizes. These implants are either filled with salt water or silicone. The procedure is performed through very small incisions near the breast. Mostly, the incisions are placed just below the areola or below the breast. Once the surgeon places the implants, he closes the incisions through small stitches. This procedure can take two hours or more depending upon the extent of surgery. The scars from the incisions fade significantly with time. These scars are not noticeable, and are healed well.

Dr. George Pope, M.D, F.A.C.S, the breast augmentation specialist at Pope Plastic Surgery has over 20 years of experience in plastic surgery and his services have been widely recommended by patients. Breast augmentation in Orlando, Florida is mainly done by him efficiently. You can even view before and after pictures of the procedure on our website’s gallery to learn more about breast augmentation. So, schedule an appointment with Dr. Pope today if you want to avail affordable breast augmentation surgery.

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