Breast Augmentation On The Rise

Did you know that each year, an average of 286,000 women decide to have breast implants? Breast augmentations have one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings among plastic surgeries. Most women undergo this procedure to improve the way they feel about themselves, enhance their self-confidence and boost their self esteem.

There are many reasons why Orlando breast augmentation is popular, including a woman wanting to improve the shape of her breasts, to increase the size of her breasts or to restore breast volume that may have been affected by pregnancy or weight loss. In some women, one breast may naturally be larger or sit lower than the other; breast augmentation can ensure that both breasts have the same size and contour.

Breast augmentation surgery is considered to be a very safe procedure. With improvements in science and technology, new and refined techniques have been developed to reduce complications after the surgery.

If you’re thinking about an Orlando breast augmentation, you should speak with an Orlando plastic surgeon to determine which breast implants are  best for you. Dr. George Pope and his team are available to answer any questions you may have.

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